Customer Campaign Management Tool

A powerful & easy to use customer reach out solution for any business

Customer Segments

Choose customer segments for your campaign using existing templates or build new segments using dynamic filters


Create Offers & Rewards for your campaign using multiple parameters like %, Flat Discounts, Product Vouchers, E-Wallet credits

Campaign - Manual Mode

In this mode, you can manually connect Offers with customer segments and communicate via Email, SMS Text and Push Notifications

Attach Offer

In Manual Mode, choose from any of the existing created offers and attach to a customer segment to whom the campaign is targetted

Campaign – Auto Mode

This is the heart of the campaign manager when the machine learning algorithms automatically recommend the correct customer segment and offers combination.

Campaign Report Summary

High level summary of the conversion statistics of your campaigns

Campaign Report Details

This displays customer level details of the campaigns conversions


High level glance at your entire brands performance across all campaigns.